DAF/FODEN Differentials Supplied

At M&P Transmissions (UK) Ltd we can supply you with a fully remanufactured complete differential unit on a service exchange basis with a full 12 months warranty. We can also repair your own unit which could save you up to 40% on price compared with a Service Exchange Unit. We have highly skilled technicians which ensure our products maintain high levels of quality throughout the remanufacturing process. We have many units in stock and available for next day delivery. We also offer a removal & refitting service in our fully equipped work shop for a small extra cost.

  • 1339             All Ratios
  • 1347             All Ratios
  • 1132             All Ratios
  • 1132T          Double Drive           All Ratios
  • DAF 45        All Ratios
  • DAF 55        All Ratios
  • DAF 60        All Ratios
  • DAF LF       All Ratios

  • 153E               All Ratios
  • 153E               Double Drive         All Ratios

If you cant see the Diff you are searching for please contact the office on 01902403403 OR 

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